Opening Day for Our Company - December 1, 2011

Opening Day For The New England Real Estate Company.

Opening Day

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by Town of Camden City officials and Select Board members, held on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 10:00 am (left to right)

  • Jim Heard - Camden Select Board Member,
  • Wes Robinson - Town of Camden Assessor's Agent,
  • Donald White - Camden Select Board Member,
  • Steve Wilson - Town of Camden Code Enforcement Officer,
  • Patricia Finnigan - Town of Camden Town Manager,
  • A. Flint Decker - Founder, President & Designated Broker The New England Real Estate Company,
  • Gail M. Decker - and of course, 'Annie',
  • Martin Cates - Camden Select Board Member,
  • Dan Bookham - Executive Director Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce,
  • Brian Hodges - Town of Camden Development Director

We were very fortunate with the weather that day and we all had lots of laughs with Dan's new scissors!


New England RE Co. Office

New England RE Office

Office Opening Day

Cutting the ribbon

Opening day for our company

Opening Day1

Opening Day2

Opening Day3

Opening Day4

Opening Day5

Opening Day6

Opening Day7

Opening Day8

Opening Day9


"What do you do after a ribbon-cutting ceremony?... You host a community celebration party later that evening of course!"

Community celebration

New England RE team

Opening Day Celebration

Opening Day Party

Our team on opening day

Our team1

Our Team2

Our Team3

Our Team4

Our Team6

Our Team7

Our Team7

Our Team8

Our Team9

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Our Team13

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Our Team18


Thank you.

"To our family & friends, members of our town leadership in our ribbon-cutting ceremony, the beloved members in our community who came out and helped celebrate with us this evening of our opening day, and the over 20 local Maine companies and individuals who all helped work on the restoration and renovation of the 2 Bay View Street Building - On behalf of Gail and I (...and all in our company including 'Annie' of course!) Thank you for your warm welcome home, welcome to the community of Camden, and in joining us in helping to celebrate our opening day!"